Goodbye Grade 6 Q1


Well it is hard to believe but my first quarter class of grade 6 art is now complete. We certainly achieved a huge amount considering the limited time. I will certainly miss this group. I just have to hope they will choose art next year! Their last project was to create an Expressionist portrait with oil pastels.

The students studied the psychological meanings behind colour and chose their main colour based on their own personality and mood. In fact the paper colour in the background is their base colour. They then had to use a dominant colour scheme that used mostly analogous colours (colours next to each other on the colour wheel) with just a touch of the opposite for contrast. It sounds complicated doesn’t it? So while you are looking at these beautiful portraits, take time to reflect upon the great deal of thought and meaning the students have put into their work.


Once the portraits were complete the students then had to explore 4 iPad apps Percolator, FlipOMatic, Grungetastic and Wordfoto. These were then merged to create a new artwork in Superimpose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you look closely the words they added into their portraits also described themselves. These will be printed and laminated ready for the end of year art show. They would also make brilliant artist trading cards!

On their last day rather than making the students write reflections I gave them an opportunity to play inspired from 5mins of fun at Learning2. The students could choose their own project. It was a fabulous way to end the quarter. Now on Tuesday I will meet my new class.

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