Awesome Art Homework

Here are some fabulous homework pieces from grades 6-8. As you can see they are varied because the students are given choice for their homework. Option 1: continue with classwork in grade 8 sometimes this is required. Option 2: An art challenge selected by the students from a jar of challenges. Option 3: Good quality free time art where they can pursue a passion/interest. I have had students bringing in digital art along with drawings and paintings.


Homework used to be optional for those who were interested but the numbers dropped significantly as the year progressed so they all must complete one option once a week and upload 5 of their favourites onto Artsonia. The students who really want to do the homework will produce high quality all the time and those that don’t will bring in quick line drawings. The homework is graded on effort and not ability so that students feel comfortable exploring new ideas and interests.


The quality has been so much higher this year so I thought I’d share some of the incredible work the students have been doing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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