Awesome Complimentary Collages By Grade 6

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Our stunning complimentary colour collages are complete and on display in the gallery downstairs. Please take time to stop, look and reflect upon the students hard work. The focus of this unit was not only learning, recognizing and applying the rules of portraiture but was also understanding “line variation”, “texture”, “collage” and “secondary colours”.


The students demonstrated knowledge of a variety of key words connected to the colour wheel and created their own creative wheels for homework. For some more ideas for creative colour wheels have a look at my Pinterest, colour board:

Soon the students will soon be incorporating all key words into a digital art work just like this:IMG_5276

The goal of this task is to expose the students to some fabulous apps on the iPad. They will explore Percolator, Grungetastic, FlipOMatic, Wordfoto and Superimpose or SketchbookX.


They will be required to document the stages in Pic Collage and share it on their blogs and Artsonia. We only have a couple more weeks left so if time permits the last task will be an expressionist portrait in oil pastels.

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