Pastel Cans Get Superimposed in Grade 8

Welcome back to the grade 8 class, as I mentioned before grade 8 are about to create a still life combining fantasy with observation. As an introduction to this task we drew crushed cans in pastels. The students had to really observe the can carefully for its lines, tones, hi-lights and colours. As you can see from the above photos all the students did an amazing job. For some, it was the first time drawing from life and looking at tones. The idea behind the crushed can was to allow the students to make mistakes. Since the can is crushed no-one can say, “You didn’t draw it correctly” because the can is naturally distorted it takes the pressure off of being absolutely perfect.

IMG_5156 Once the cans were complete we uploaded them to Artsonia and then manipulated them on the iPads. The students were required to “app mash”. They took a photo of their hands on patterned material, applied a filter in Movie FX and another filter in Megaphoto. There was also an option of merging Percolator too. Then they mirrored the final design in FlipOMatic. Lastly, the final image was merged with the pastel drawing of the can in Superimpose. The results were spectacular and varied. These could lead brilliantly into our discussions about effective compositions for still life..

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