Progress Of Grade 8

We began the year with a scratch art title page. The students had to practice ZenTangle patterns and apply them to their initial. The scratch art proved to be a little tricky because they could not rub out. Week one and no erasers!

I was actually quite happy not to have erasers because it allowed the students to look at their “mistakes” and turn them into positives. In art MISTAKES are positives. This thinking led us into observational drawing.

We will be creating a creative still life for a major piece but for practice we are looking at crushed cans. To begin with the students had to draw their can without looking at the paper. An ugly drawing was guaranteed and couldn’t be helped. This technique takes the pressure off of having to be “perfect” and trains the eyes to see.

Still Life Drawing - 2 of 12

Then we did a continuous line drawing whilst looking at the paper. These two exercises actually made the third and last drawing seem very easy. The students had to draw the can large, they could look at the paper AND even take their pencil off when needed.

During todays class with our new ability to observe, we drew a large can onto charcoal paper. After sketching the can and checking our shapes and angles we blocked in the hi-lights. Currently we are in the process of filling in the base (middle) colours. The next step is to look at the tones and shadows and complete it with a background. I can’t believe how they are already taking shape which is why I am sharing this unit now so you can see how it develops.

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