Grade 6 Are Releasing Their Creativity

Last Import - 6 of 11It is a new year and the studio is already bustling with inspiring creativity. Grade 6 were given the challenge of creating self portraits using photography, collage and typography. They had to keep enough of their face visible so we could see who they are, keep the text varied and clear whilst building up 3D materials onto their photos. I really loved the ones who took risks and added powder paint, yarn and were brave enough to crinkle and cut their own photos. We will finish this task by adding scrunched Graffiti names on tracing paper. We used the iPads for this task and Snapseed.

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These images are a combination of practice and final pieces. Generally the ones with clearer lettering are finals. They have done an awesome job and I cant wait to see them on display.

Who Am I? Task 1 - 5 of 12

We have now framed them and added on the graffiti names. They really look awesome.

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Who Am I? Task 1 - 21 of 24

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