Clay Mixed With Pixels

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Grade 7 have just completed their first major sculpture unit. It began with a book sculpture incorporating figures and then continued onto clay. The students had to make a fish using the slab technique however the fish had to be able to hold something and incorporate texture and pattern.


Then the students had one class to learn and apply the rules of composition to their iPad photography. They learnt about the rule of thirds, worm’s eye view, extreme close up, leading lines, clean backgrounds and contrasting colours.


IMG_1684Have a look at this Slideshare. Here you can see their digital collages capturing what the rules meant to them through the iPad lens. Then the large photos are the ones which I thought truly captured the criteria.

Overall with the time limit they did a brilliant job. Then the next task was also a HUGE success. Incorporating the photography skills they then had to use Megaphoto, MovieFX, Percolator, Grungetastic, FlipOMatic, Wordfoto, Snapseed, iMotion Pro and iMovie to create their own movies with their clay fish.

They were asked to include 1 selfie, 5 special effects, 3 moving images, 4 good clear photos of their fish, 3 workflows and a stop motion. All of this was achieved in 2 classes!

I could not be happier with their results.

Now we are writing a final reflection on Life Cards and will be creating a background with prints of three of their favourite digital art pieces and the Life Card reflection. This will hang above their fish at the big art show. Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.07.29 PMPlease put May 20th into your calendars as that will be our special end of year celebration. ALL work created this year will be on display. The grade 6,7,8 students will be running free art workshops and the MS music students will be performing. Don’t miss out on this must see exhibit!




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