Grade 8 Have Finished Their Painting Unit

IMG_2008Where I am from Abstract art.

Where digital and traditional art mix.

I have written about this task before but feel like it deserves a recap because the students did such an awesome job following the varied and somewhat challenging instructions. I have wanted to teach an art unit where the iPads have been used throughout but more importantly at the beginning and at the end. Mixing paint with pixels is a technique the students should embrace.

Step 1


Take a screenshot of “my home” on Google Earth. Make sure you consider shape, line, movement and pattern. The goal is to turn your home into an Abstract art work. To do this we opened Art Rage and filled the image with colour to create a mood. Some students chose to use the drawing tools of Art Rage instead. Both results were effective.


Step 2

After creating 3-4 images and merging them in SketchbookX the students were ready to choose their favourite to replicate on a canvas using paint.

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Some of the final paintings

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Step 3

Now it was time to research Global issues about our home countries. The students read a variety of articles and collected key words. They then had to photograph their painting and combine it with text to communicate the message. We used the following apps: Cloudart, Type drawing, aTypo and Image Chef. This was the last step for the painting unit.

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IMG_1891You can see all the students personal galleries on Artsonia. Please click this link and write a comment to the students. They would love to know what you think of their hard work.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.33.07 PM

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