Where I am From Abstract Painting By Grade 8

IMG_1576The first part of this unit was reflecting upon what “Vietnam means to me”. The students painted their impressions onto conical hats.

The second part was looking at “where I am from” since we are in an International school this conversation creates some very interesting discussions.

Is your home where you were born? Is it where your family is from? What if your parents are from two different countries? Is it where you are now?

The second goal of this unit other than improving painting skills was to incorporate technology. The students looked for an interesting view of their “home” in Google Earth. They cropped and edited the image in SketchbookX or Snapseed on the iPads. They then uploaded their image into Art Rage where they dropped in a variety of colours using the paint bucket tool. The goal was to create a beautiful abstract artwork of their home country.


Three concepts were completed and uploaded onto their blogs. Now the students are painting their digital artwork onto a canvas. Following the theme of technology we then used a projector to trace the image onto the canvas. The next step requires traditional art skills focusing on colour matching, paint techniques (with a variety of tools) and texture. As the students work they also reflect upon and discuss the elements and principles of art.

They also need to consider what makes a successful Abstract art work? 

The last step will be back on the iPads. The students will photograph their work and manipulate it on the iPads. Text and art will be used to communicate Global issues from their country. This will be printed and framed with the artwork. Students who finish earlier will write a story about their country.


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