African Mask Paintings By Grade 6

The grade 6 students have begun their first major unit, “African Masks” where they were required to follow the art & design cycle from research, concepts, creation to presentation and evaluation. The first step was to review the colour wheel and make sure that all the students understood what Analogous and Complementary colours were.

Then the students were introduced to African masks. They went through this Powerpoint and started to design their own masks: African Masks Powerpoint in PDF

During the next class we broke into groups of four to locate the answers from this site:

Each person was responsible for a section of the research. They then individually sketched three favourite designs from the website and wrote one thing they learned about the purpose of the mask. Some students improved their favourite designs by combining elements from their research. Currently the students are painting their final piece. If we had more time I would love to have the students make an actual mask.

The goal of this task is to: use Analogous and Complimentary colours, incorporate geometric shapes, patterns, line variation and improve painting skills.

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