Grade 7 Mandala Umbrellas

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This unit is always a popular one because the students get to paint onto umbrellas. For more information about this task please look at my previous post:


The students began by designing their own mandalas then they had to form groups of three or pairs and combine their designs. Every student had to be represented on the umbrella. I was so astounded when I heard the discussions regarding the strengths of each of their designs which was required in order to combine them successfully. The students then worked on a group design and a colour plan.


Now they are painting on the umbrellas and are loving it. I have had students ask if they can come in at lunch and after school to keep working. I have to say I have never seen some of these students so incredibly engaged! I think this should become a yearly project as it is a task the grade 6 students would look forward to doing when they are in grade 7.

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