Grade 6 Windows and Trees

My grade 6 students have successfully completed their Sagrada Familia inspired church windows. They were required to incorporate an analogous colour scheme, silhouette and paint with tints and tones. The students learnt about the importance of planning to presentation. These beautiful works of art are on display outside the art room. Please come and have a look.

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Unfortunately there are only three weeks to go for this class. It is amazing how quickly the time goes. I decided to change the task for their second project so that we could cover a variety of paint/ collage and sculpture skills in a short space of time. The first task was to create a scene with Birch trees using watercolours and acrylic paint.


They practised on thin paper first and are currently working on thicker watercolour paper. Even the practise pieces were gorgeous. The students masked out their trees, applied a wet in wet wash and then when the background was dry painted in the trees with black paint and cardboard. Many lessons were learnt along the way which was brilliant. I can’t wait to see their finals.

I love how the students had the same task, same instructions and how incredibly different each piece looks. I would frame any of these and hang them in my home!

The next task which was being worked on at the same time was a mixed media collaged tree inspired by an image I found on Pinterest: So far we have created some stunning backgrounds from collage materials. Next class they will be dry brushing the backgrounds and painting the tree in black ink.


Then we will spend three classes creating these gorgeous whimsical birds inspired by:


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