Sculpture Time In Grade 8

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If you had the choice of dragons, three in one animals of funky birds what would you choose to sculpt? This is exactly the choice my grade 8 students had presented to them. We began by researching animal parts to help us design unique creatures. Then the students created 4 different designs which they modified to produce their final.

The next step was to learn about the elements and principles of sculpture: (click here- Elements and Principles of Sculpture) and view techniques on You Tube and my Pinterest boards:  and


Then the students reviewed how to make and join basic shapes out of newspaper. They had to make a cone, sphere, cylinder, and narrow cylinder. They had a 5 min challenge to join the pieces together to create a self  standing geometric sculpture.

We then discussed the importance of turning our designs into geometric shapes so that we could sculpt our final dragon/creature successfully.


Now it is time to create! The students have only had one class so far of making and this is how much they achieved. I love it when students treat the room like a studio and just come in and work. It is awesome.

Some Inspiration

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