Georgia O’Keeffe Transforms with iPads


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After completing their spectacular Georgia O’Keeffe oil pastel paintings the grade 7 students were required to complete the process by creating a manipulated artwork using layers in SketchbookX with a variety of other exciting apps.


We began this task by exploring a variety of apps such as Percolator, FlipOMatic, SnapSeed, Grungetastic and Typedrawing. Every piece of art was saved into the camera roll then they were uploaded into a variety of other apps so that the students could see how they could continue to develop and push their work.

PERCOLATOR turns their photos into bubbles.

FLIPOMATIC mirrors photos and tiles the design which allows students to see their work as an abstract piece which could easily be turned into tiles, wrapping paper or wall paper.

SNAPSEED and GRUNGETASTIC are both apps which apply filters to photos. Grungetastic is an old, scratchy effect where you can choose textures, colours and a wide variety of effects. Snapseed has more editing functions like cropping and contrast but it also has filters for example, with frames, grunge, and blur.

The final step was to choose one of the manipulated images as a background in SketchbookX. Then they had to create a new layer and superimpose a second manipulated image. By experimenting with erasers and opacity they had to make the layers merge in a visually appealing way. The students could build up as many layers as they wanted, in fact they could even save their image into the camera roll and open it into Snapseed to apply subtle filters.


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