iPads In The Art Room- Grade 6

IMG_1122Today was the last class for grade 6. I can’t believe how quickly the time went.  All the students have now successfully completed their church analogous windows. Today they had a choice either to trace their shoes and fill them with the principles of art which would need to be completed at home or to create digital art using apps and layers.

It was actually interesting because we had about half the students work on digital art and the others focused on the principles. No matter what they were doing they were all on task and created superb work. As the digital task was new to the grade 6 students I thought I’d share it here.


First they had to take a good picture of their church window. Then they had to manipulate their window painting in FlipOMatic, Snapseed, Percolator, Grungetastic and TypeDrawing so that they could figure out what the apps did. After all the best way to learn is to PLAY.

Then we shared our learning using either: Pic Collage, Book Creator or Comic book.

The last step for some of the students was either to put their manipulated work into another app followed by another and another so that the artistic cycle continues. Or they could use SketchbookX and layers to mix their manipulated images to create a new artwork. Here is a superb sample by Tara.


Overall this was a huge success I just wish more people go to this stage as I am very curious what they would have created. I will be doing a similar task with the grade 7s but hopefully we will a greater variety of awesome digital art and more text relating to Georgia O’Keeffe.

Meanwhile the other students were working on their shoes inspired by the elements and principles of art. They had to incorporate line variation, movement, emphasis, pattern, colour and balance. The figure was optional.


It has been a fabulous quarter. Grade 6 (group 1) I will certainly miss your enthusiasm, awesome homework, bubbly personalities and incredible work.

See you next year in grade 7!

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