Three More Stunning Windows By Grade 6


These were the last three students to complete the task. I am sure when you look at their images you can see why. Look at the incredible detail and beautiful painting skills. I would not be surprised if this was some of their best work yet. I love the placement of the silhouette in Yenny’s and the choice of silhouette in the other two. Nam connected the windows to Spain and decided it should be romantic! I love it.


In fact the Look and Learn online art competition where you can win money for your art has the theme “Romance”. I think I should enter it what do you think Nam?


As I mentioned before the students have also been manipulating their work with the iPads. The first step is exploration so we looked at Type Drawing, FlipOMatic and Photosync.

FlipOMatic- Look how our windows can be turned into tiles, fabrics or wrapping paper! What else could these designs be used for?

Photo Oct 01, 8 39 38 AM

Typedrawing –How many ways can you creatively combine text with your art?

Photo Oct 01, 9 21 53 AM

Photo Oct 01, 9 19 35 AM

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