Stunning G6 Windows Inspired By Sagrada Familia

Photo 18-04-2014 10 12 13

I was so inspired by my trip to Spain at the beginning of this year that I decided to introduce those gorgeous windows to my grade 6 students.

This was a brilliant project because the students had to learn about analogous colour, silhouettes, tints and tones whilst developing painting, presentation and iPad skills.


For my students is was the first time they have followed the design cycle from beginning to end. They had to research, learn about colour and then create three designs and three colour plans. The best one was transferred to an A4 paper which they used as a reference when they were painting their work.

To learn about tints and tones we painted a monochromatic strip. Careful planning was required so that their work was as neat as possible. The students figured out if they painted the same colour at the same time throughout the design it was actually quicker and neater. They didn’t have to worry about colours smudging into each other.

DSCN0802We are currently in the process of uploading their gorgeous work to Artsonia. This is where the students will reflect about their learning.

Today we took our work to another level by manipulating our work on the iPads. The students learnt how to use: Type drawing, Flip-o- Matic and Photosync. Flip-O-Matic was particularly popular for its tile designs and use of abstraction and repetition, the digital work will also be added to Artsonia:

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Photo 19-04-2014 9 39 17

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