Grade 8 Development For Surreal Handscapes

I collected my grade 8 books for the first time today and was so thrilled with what they have been doing that I thought I’d share it. We have been learning how to draw hands whilst preparing for a “Surreal Handscape”. The beginning tasks were quite structured. The students had to do two blind drawings of their hands which is a technique to help them really see, this was followed with a negative space study. Negative spaces help us see where we might have gone a little wrong with our observations, when something doesn’t look quite right always check your negative spaces! The last quick study was looking at and recognising geometric shapes within the hand. The students then applied their new observational skills to a 20min hand drawing. The realism of the hands improved significantly.

Congratulations to Celine for being the artist of the week.

For a homework the grade 8s were required to watch Virtual Instructor: and follow along with the steps detailed in the video. During the next class the students looked at the anatomy of the hand and made a note of its proportions. Currently we are in the process of developing our ideas for the surreal handscape by considering the texture, function, setting, scale and metamorphosis of the hand. The students learnt about Surrealism from viewing videos, playing surreal games and researching this fascinating movement.

I really can’t wait to see their final results but we still have a bit of a way to go yet so stay tuned!


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