Art For The Soul Is Back


I have begun offering free art classes to the staff of SSIS. We have had a huge amount of interest as nearly 30 people signed up. I explained that these weren’t traditional art classes they are fail proof classes where adults wanting to relax through the art making process can join. It is about playing and experimenting with a variety of materials. They don’t even have to attend the whole time. In fact the groups have been quite different each week and we seem to be having new people join us each time which is brilliant. As a new teacher to the school this has given me a great opportunity to get to know staff I never cross paths with from elementary, secondary to the TAs and support staff.

The first two projects were ones that were popular with the staff in Ghana so I thought I’d try them here.

We began with a mandala style design where the teachers traced and overlapped a range of circles. They then added a black and white patterned design around the outside edge of the circles. We then added colours with watercolour pencils. Some chose to add the water and others didn’t. It was so interesting to see the huge variety, many even tried breaking out of the circle. Some are continuing at home while others are still working on them during the class.

The second task was playing with watercolours. I love this task because you really can’t go wrong. The main goal was to play with wet on dry and wet on wet techniques. This was a practise session for a final watercolour and ink painting inspired by my Pinterest boards. We also experimented with coloured inks which had a stunning vibrancy.

e688501354e158c4e88f1ca3b6f76f42Once they are complete I will teach a variety of watercolour techniques which will then be combined to create a colourful, stylised landscape.


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