About Me Doodle By Grade 8



This is the image which inspired my introductory “get to know” you task for grade 8. As I am new to the school I am still getting to know all of my students so I figured why not set them a task which was personal and descriptive. It also allowed me to see who can follow instructions and what skill level the students have. The only requirements were that the students had to include a doodle or geometric design, a min on 2 photos of them with friends or family and 3 words that described themselves. The rest was up to them. They could use any media from paints to pencils.

I have to say I was very pleased with the huge variety of the work produced and the quality considering they only had 3 classes. I found it fascinating to see how the students described themselves, especially when their friends disagreed with them. It certainly opened up some interesting discussions about how we perceive ourselves vs how other people see us. 

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