Week 2 at SSIS in G6 ,7 and 8


Week 2 in the art room has been fabulous. We have been working on sketchbook covers whilst introducing new skills at the same time. Grade 6 were learning how to create Graffiti names. Their colours, media and details were student choice.

Grade 7 experimented with one point perspective. I like how the students chose a wide range of media from markers to paint. This skill actually was very new to many students so they should all be very proud with their work.

Grade 8 increased their knowledge of patterns as they created a Zentangle letters. I encouraged the students to look at my pattern Pinterest board for inspiration and challenged them to try patterns they had never seen before. These results are amazing.


We also set up art blogs today so that we can reflect and critique work.

I have also changed the way I set homework. Instead of it being “homework” I am calling it an “art challenge”. It is optional for my very enthusiastic students and for students who genuinely want to get better at drawing. I have selected a range of topics, cut them up and put them into the jar. One student per class per week picks a topic from the jar.

This week our topics are:

8C : Illustrate a section of a book   Due Monday

8F: My bedroom  Due Tuesday

7E: Movement Due Tuesday

7H: My hand is turning into…  Due Tuesday

6A: A half eaten fruit/veg/cookie Due Monday

I can’t wait to see what they create over the weekend. Some students have already shown me several completed drawings. I really hope everyone steps up to the challenge and releases their awesomeness!

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