Hello Vietnam


Well we have made it to Vietnam and we could not be happier with our new school and students. Admittedly it is going to be tough to learn all these new names and of course I miss my students from Ghana too. It is really cool to think that my students from China, Ghana and now Vietnam are all following this blog.

My art room is huge and all-purpose built with a kiln! Despite the amount of space I am sure we will still manage to fill the rooms (yes there are two rooms and an outdoor area) significantly with work and enthusiastic students.


This week I began with a task quite different to previous years. Once again it was inspired from Pinterest. I had the students in grade 6 and 8 brainstorm what art means to them. They were asked to complete the sentence “Art is…” with a descriptive word. Once the word was selected they then had to turn it into a poster using any media of their choice. These posters will be combined to create one large “Art is..” mural. I was particularly impressed with their enthusiasm, ability and choice of media. Instantly I was able to see who were my detailed drawers, who likes to paint and who likes to get messy with pastels.

My grade 7 classes had to randomly select a quote and turn it into a poster by either focusing on typography or illustration. The quotes were selected for a purpose because I strongly believe in them or I wanted students to be inspired by them daily for example, making mistakes is how we learn, creativity takes courage and every child is an artist. I can’t wait to see them hanging in the classroom.

DSCN0233 If you are following this for the first time please feel free to comment on any post all comments are very welcome. MS art students I am very happy to be here and look forward to seeing you grow as artists. It is going to be a wonderful year.


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