What Ghana Means To Me…A Goodbye.

CSC_0985My last post was goodbye to Lincoln Community School whereas this post is a goodbye to Ghana. I created these two videos to share with my friends and family to show them what I have learnt and loved about Ghana during my three years here.

I figured this was the best place to share it since my friends, family and students are all following this blog. I actually made a longer 20min video but I couldn’t upload it anywhere because the file was too big so I remade them into two 10min videos.

DSC_0079Grab a drink, sit down, relax and please enjoy a visual trip to Ghana. Reminisce or be inspired by our journey. My next post will be in August from Vietnam so I am saying goodbye for the last time, have a wonderful summer and please stay in touch.



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One Response to What Ghana Means To Me…A Goodbye.

  1. Debra Diaz says:

    Thank you Rebecca for bring Ghana to life. You will be missed and I know the school in Vietnam are very lucky to be receiving one very talented, kind and loving art teacher.
    I wish you peace and good health,
    Debra Diaz

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