Goodbye LCS Thank You For An Awesome 3 Years

Today was a fabulous day of TED talks and saying goodbye. My grade 6 and 8 students had to write one word that came to mind when I mentioned “Mrs Jardin’s Art Room”.

Here is what they said:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we had some fun photos taken with Grade 7


The TED Talks that we watched today created some very interesting discussions. What a positive end to the year.

Can Art Change The World?

Amazing net sculptures after being rejected from 7 art schools!

Remix- Inspiration from others copying vs inspiration

In case you missed the last post here is a very brief overview of what we created and celebrated this year in Studio 42 at LCS. Have a wonderful, restful and safe holiday I will really miss Ghana. You can stay in touch through either Facebook: MrsJardinsArtRoom or by writing comments on this Blog. Best wishes to all of you.


This was a lovely note from my very supportive Principal


Many thanks for all you have given over three years. You have inspired many with your absolute commitment to art.  You have modeled for others how to continue to pursue a passion while working hard at your job.  You have set up special moments for your colleagues with your connections and periodic trips.  Your work with students has been exceptional. They are doing wonderful art.  You are a top notch art teacher who holds kids to a high standard and you look to push the envelope with activities, making connections,  using technology, and doing interesting art.  I am so impressed with your work as a professional and, of course, I have always admired your art work!

Be well, enjoy Vietnam… will be a great step.


Geoffrey Smith

Secondary School Principal

Lincoln Community School


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