Here Are Some Of The Most Amazing Prints


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Considering the timeline I gave my students to create these I could not be happier. If only there was one more week to push them one step further with the iPads. Many of these I would be happy to keep and frame. In fact I will be asking some of these students if I can take their prints with me to Vietnam. One thing that I LOVE about printmaking are those “happy accidents”. You can’t always predict what the ink is going to do but to me that is the real beauty of printmaking. Here are some fabulous examples of happy accidents.

DSCN1673The paper got torn, the inks were not 100% clear but this is gorgeous.

DSCN1657The ink is a little dry and patchy which normally you’d think not a clean print but those patches allow for more of the fabulous background to shine through. Gorgeous!

DSCN1650This could definitely not be planned but the way the colours are mixing it is just stunning. Lets look a little closer…

DSCN1651Just gorgeous. I could show one print from every student because all those accidents make the work unique and special. Well done grade 9/10 you have impressed me yet again.

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