Creativity Continues To Bloom In Grade 6


As we only have a week left I have given my grade 6 class a HUGE amount of choice regarding their work. The only major requirement is that they follow the rules of portraiture or purposely break them by exaggerating the features. Firstly the students could choose if they wanted to work on A4 or A3 paper keeping their time limit in mind.

Their choices were either:

to create a Crazy Hair portrait which would focus on the rules and overlapping shapes,

DSCN1722or create an Expressionist/Fauvist portrait where the focus would be breaking the rules to communicate emotion and correctly blending oil pastels,

DSCN1520or to create an image of someone looking into the mirror where their hair is detailed and accurate and the rules are followed.

Finally, there was a digital option where the students could draw an accurate portrait using Procreate/SketchbookX and then they would manipulate it using layers.

This week I will be adding Modigliani as an extra option because the students seem to love creating the exaggerated portraits.

DSCN1724I also taught some students who chose this option how to draw and tone eyes accurately.

DSCN1725It certainly has been a fun end to the year, well done grade 6.


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