Tonal Techniques Until The End With G7

DSCN1570This unit has been a HUGE success with my grade 7 students. I have now taught this to three trimesters and each class has surprised me with their creativity and motivation. Of course each class wants to do a little better than the group before them.

DSCN1608The students began with tonal exercises so that they understood the differences between HB-8B pencils and the importance of being able to shade from level 1 (white) to level 5. We viewed a wide range of art and counted the levels of darkness.

DSCN1627We also viewed the funny photos of Mr Jardin and myself at the 3D optical art gallery in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Those paintings would not be possible without the use of tone.

I have more work I need to photograph but here are the completed light bulbs so far:

Students always work at a different pace from each other so once they were complete there were three small extension tasks to continue with. The first was to create an ice cream and tone it using watercolour paint.

The second was to tone an eye and have it peering through a ripped hole of a newspaper.This was inspired from one of the optical art paintings in the slideshow from Chiang Mai. Lastly, the students will create an A4 optical art inspired from this tutorial found on Pinterest:

Screen shot 2014-05-31 at 7.47.05 PM

To learn more about tone please have a look at my Pinterest board:


2 thoughts on “Tonal Techniques Until The End With G7

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  1. Bye Mrs Jardin,
    You where a awesome art teacher that taught me a lot of techniques. I enjoyed doing the lightbulb most this trimester because it was totally free and fun. I have learnt a lot more about toning and shading this trimester as well. Next year I would like to shade faces better and make my shading look a lot more realistic. I would also like to learn about perspective in my drawings because that would make them look, once again, more realistic. I hope you have an awesome time in Vietnam
    Cecily Reid

    1. Thank you Cecily, it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you. I am glad you enjoyed your time in the art room and am sure it will be just as rewarding next year. You will have to send me photos of your new art! Have a wonderful summer.

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