Ipad App Inspired Printmaking


For our last unit the grade 9/10 class had to choose their own theme because this was such a success with the chairs we thought we’d try it with printmaking. The students learnt: about the elements of printmaking, the four major types of printmaking techniques, the art and design cycle (from research to presentation), how to stylize a design so that is it a strong print, how to manipulate an artwork using Flip-O-Matic and the tricks and techniques of printmaking.

DSCN1552This was a quick unit which was a mad rush at the end because of the exams a couple of classes were lost. We were going to create awesome products from the prints using collage, mixed media and digital art but ran out of time so the students were required to submit a booklet of experimental prints with their top three prints separately framed. I provided a checklist to help them experiment. The most surprising results were those printed onto tissue paper backgrounds, watercolours and acrylics. They really transformed their print into a gorgeous artwork that I would personally frame and hang on my wall if I could.

DSCN1563I will add more very soon as they are sitting on my desk waiting to get photographed.

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