Portraiture The Fun Way In Grade 6


Even though it is nearly the end of the year I am still introducing new topics for my third trimester class. Rather than spending 6 weeks on one piece I have decided to give them a few different FUN tasks which can be completed in one or two lessons. The most important concept for this unit is how to follow the rules of portraiture and how to break the rules successfully.

DSCN1413The students always begin the unit with me by drawing in their books what they know already. They draw as many faces as they can in the style they are used to. This way we have something to compare at the end of the unit. Then they are introduced to the “rules” which they also copy into their books and test on a magazine face.

So you can see their starting point. Now they apply the rules to a 1/2 and 1/2 face. One half has to follow the rules while the other can be an alien, monster or robot. They are assessed on their use of the rules, creativity and presentation. These drawings were brilliant.

Already there is an improvement. The eyes are half way, there is enough space to fit five eyes around the head and the mouths are bigger. Even some of the face shapes have improved. Their creativity completely surprised me.

The next step was to apply the rules again but this time to a practise painting using oil pastels and watercolours. The face was meant to be in a frame or poking through a frame.

My goal was to keep the students drawing and to keep them aware of the rules so I gave them a choice a 1/2 face which will be photographed with them posing or a whole face. The face had to be turning into something or dripping here are some of the awesome portraits that have been completed so far. The next step will be to create crazy hair portraits or work on digital art whilst still applying the rules.

I will add to this gallery as more students finish their work.

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