The Art Party Was Fabulous.

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The art party was a HUGE success, the best one yet. Mainly because I moved it inside this time which allowed us to be in air conditioning and created an awesome art walk. The art was displayed outside, inside, in the corridor and upstairs in three rooms. The setting created quite an “arty” maze. The kids were so excited because they didn’t know what they were going to find in each room.

DSCN1124The grade 8,9 and 10 students ran the whole show. The managers, workshop leaders, photographers, food and chair guards were all students. We had three drawing floors, a group canvas painting, paper plate weaving, chalk owls, paper cut dancers, group circle murals, CD mandalas plus so much more. It was busy and noisy but everyone was having a good time and on task. I could not have been happier with my students. We also had amazing food provided by the kindness of our parents.

DSC_1024I enjoy looking at these photos just as much as I enjoyed being there. My photographers and film crew really captured the event. It was so heart warming seeing the younger kids looking up to the big kids who were being such incredible role models. I think we have successfully put “community” into Lincoln Community School.

Please have a look at this video:

The event did not end with the art party that was actually the introduction to some awesome performances in the NPAT by grade 6,7,8, 9 and 10 students. It was a long day but well worth staying right until the end. I particularly liked the entertaining grade 8 performance just for the sweet dance moves!

This video is a slideshow that was playing in the music room showing student achievements throughout the year and their digital art:

Thanks again to everyone who supported this event it would not be a success without all of you. On a side note, you have no idea how relieved I was knowing that the work was indoors when it rained later that evening. It doesn’t rain often but it seems to surprise us whenever we have a major event. This was the reason behind the relocation of the exhibit and it paid off.

DSC_1019Please click the comments button to see what my students have said about the event.

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  1. I think that the art party was really fun because all the little kids got an opportunity to try stuff that we do in class. I also think a highlight was the fact that everyone got to participate in the art party.

    1. I also though that my first job as a crowd manager was very successful. I did not only help control the crowds, but I got a taste of all the stations at the art party. My second job as feedback collector allowed me to see how other people reacted to the art party.

  2. Gabby: I really liked the art party, since I was helping with the filming I was able to see all the different art work and workshops. My other job was the warm and cool sculptures. I got to see everyone art work in a different way. Overall, I really liked the art party and hope we could do it next year. 🙂

  3. I loved the art party. I think it was an experience I will never forget. I loved hearing the feedback from children saying how they loved the art party and how most people said they liked the free food. I also found it interesting the amazing patterns children were putting on the different mandelas.

  4. I really enjoyed the face painting because I enjoyed interacting with the children. I also really enjoyed the coloring table because I personally enjoy coloring, and I think that it’s a great way to develop simple art skills.

  5. I really enjoyed the two stations I was working at, which were the plate weaving and the coloring table.

  6. The art party was really entertaining and I enjoyed participating in it. I handled one job on my own and although it was hard it was really fun doing the job and interacting with the kids that came over.

  7. The party was really good and it was well, fabulous! I didn’t like that my thing was in second floor because i had to go up there with my clutches, but i really liked my work, which was floor painting, and supervising kids.

  8. The art party was very artistic and in my opinion, the best one we have had so far. My first job was to be a crowd manager, making sure the different stands did not get to crowded and people were moving around to different stations. Then for my second job I was supposed to be supervising the Mandala Table #2, however Mrs. Jardin asked me to be the “job switching” manager, where I had to make sure people made their transition from their first job to the second with no problem. Overall the party was a huge success and I cannot wait to help with the next one.

  9. For this art party I had two jobs 1. Face painting: I painted student and adult faces from 4.30-5 and 2. I ran the crazy hair booth with Seojin from 3.30-4.30. This year the Art Party was a success and I feel as if with every new arty party the greater the outcome. One particular and greatly appreciated improvement was the location the party was set in. This time it was not just outside in but also in inside the choir rooms which had AC (Thank goodness). Another improvement was the jobs. I feel as if this year it was much more organized, and that everyone had a job and did not end up just sitting there doing nothing. Also some of the popular sections like face painting had a larger amount of people for that section which allowed more people to experience the job and let more people have their face painted. As for my Jobs i enjoyed the Face painting a lot because it is so fun and keeps me busy the entire time. For the crazy hair i did not enjoy as much because hardly no one came to draw, it was not very popular. I think that one of the main reasons it wasn’t popular is because it was so far away from where most of the people were so people didn’t notice that there was a crazy hair booth. I hope that next year the art party will be even better than this one, and that there would be even cooler stations for kids to come and be creative!

  10. The two jobs I had in the art party was the giving out folders for the first part and for the second part I was not doing anything so I helped out at the under the sea place I found give out folders easy but some times irritating because the kids would just walk pass me and then come and what a folder after doing other things. The under the sea place was extremely easy because nobody what to do it. Overall I think that art party was good

  11. I really enjoyed the art party. My job being the crowd manager. In the end, I didn’t really need to manage anyone, as they all had something interesting to do. So, I went and worked at different stations. I tried the floor painting, then I went and did the book mark thing next to the floor painting. I came up with quite an interesting design.

  12. During the Art Party I was in charge of the Chalk Owl station and the CD Mandela station. While working at the chalk owl station, I really enjoyed helping the children trace the owls, and then teach them how to blend the chalk. They had a pretty good understanding of how to pick colors, and most of them knew to do the black outline at the end. It was a very popular station, and I feel like I improved my blending skills by helping so many kids. While working at the CD Mandela station, I enjoyed giving the kids ideas. That particular station was a very creative one, it allowed children to express themselves, and to create something that was a depiction of their personality. I found it very interesting to learn about them through their CD Mandelas. It wasn’t quite as busy, so I had the time to work with one or two students at a time. Overall, I think that this Art Party was a lot more organized than the last one. The setting was more pleasant as well, the balance between indoor and outdoor exhibitions was brilliant! Lastly, I feel like providing food was a great idea, and should be repeated at every Art Party.

  13. The last Art Party was definitely the best yet because there were so many people to celebrate the arts. A lot of people stayed until the end of all the Drama performances- I really liked this combination of the art pieces and drama pieces.
    There was a wide variety of crafty/artsy activities for the kids to choose from- definitely better this time.
    A lot of people and students loved the idea of bringing the art party indoors for the AC’s.
    During the first shift I worked at the Chalk Owl Booth and I realized that the kids (girls especially) loved it and found it super easy and quick to do. My second shift originally, was to make Miro Bookmarks but Mrs. Jardin asked to me to keep an eye on the free drawing/coloring page on the floor. Before I knew it, I had five colors in my hand and I was drawing on it myself. The page was titled “A magical world”. The students around me had a lot of fun creating and drawing their aliens and such.
    I soon found myself in the company of my grade and higher grade level friends and we as a team also drew some interesting, magical creatures. Overall, it was tons of fun and the best Art Party yet!
    I really do hope that this continues after Mrs. Jardin has left us- :(.
    Thank you to everyone who made it possible and we will miss you Mrs. Jardin!

  14. The two jobs I had in the art party were guarding the chair (the first shift) and doing paper plate weaving (for the second shift). Guarding the chairs was quite easy because most of the children didn’t touch the chairs, and those who did or those who got too close listened to me and the other guards when we told them to be more careful. The one part about guarding the chairs that was slightly challenging was making sure there was always one guard guarding each area of chairs, since they weren’t all in the same place. For the paper plate weaving activity, only very few children showed up but at the end of the art party about five or six did end up coming to our station. It was fun and easy enough for the children to understand. The other stations appeared to be more successful in luring children in to join their activities, particularly the face painters (who did a very good job). All in all, I think the art party was very successful and children appeared to be satisfied with all the options available to them.

  15. The Art Party was very successful. So many people showed up and every station was crowded. I asked a couple kids that I know what they thought about the stations and they all said things like “It’s so fun!” or “Look at my face!” showing me their face painting. They all loved it and have a great time. The two jobs I had were Photography and Mandela Management. I had more fun doing my first job since many people were willing to take pictures and it was interesting to capture their expressions. My second job was kind of stressful. The stations downstairs was packed and upstairs was like a ghost town. I was able to get kids to go upstairs because they didn’t even know there was an upstairs. Some of them were having too much fun in their stations to leave so they stayed in one station for the majority of the time. It was hard to manage the kids because they each liked one specific station and they wouldn’t leave. I noticed that the face painters never took a break because of the amount of kids waiting to get a butterfly or a superhero painted on their faces. Overall, the art part was a big success and everyone enjoyed it. In the end, all the work was worth it.

  16. Mrs.Jardin’s ART parties are always MIND BLOWING!!!! You just can’t get enough of it. This event is a time for student’s ART works to be displayed so that people can see what they’ve been working on and in addition, it is also a time for the younger kids to come in and be as creative and artistic as they want. With the help of the grade 8, 9 and 10 students, kids learn how to do many different art designs and also improve their art skills through drawing and painting, coloring, weaving, etc. Every year I participate in the ART party and I always go for the role of being a manager. I’ve learnt that I can manage events such as that very well and so i never miss out on a chance to do them. This year, I played the manager role but it was different, I was the crowd manager, which means that I managed how many people will be at a station and make sure that they weren’t overcrowding them. However, whiles I was doing this, i also took the role of being attendance manager where i had to make sure that each student was at their stations ready to help out the kids. Doing this job was really exciting and exhausting at the same time because I had to walk around a lot double checking everything. But the most intriguing part about walking around a lot was that every time i passed by a station, I would see kids interacting with the students leaders in many ways and it was very interesting. I remember at one of the stations, there was a Spanish boy who i believe couldn’t speak English properly so he found it hard to understand the instructions and what i really found amazing was that one of the students who could speak Spanish and so he walked over to the kid and started explaining to him what to do. I found that really cute and also very lovely. Everyone at the ART party puts in their very best effort to make it a success and every year it is. And in addition, I am also Mrs. Jardin’s rescuer (Don’t lose the keys again!!) Overall, i really enjoyed this event, the food was amazing, the people, they effort, everything is just wonderful.
    -Unfortunately Mrs. Jardin is leaving us and so all i hope for is that our next teacher follows her path and continues with such awesome events.

  17. The Art party this year was a definite success, it was a great opportunity to bring out the children’s creative sides and just let them have fun. The activities set up were interesting and enjoyable, the wide range of activities was excellent because it made sure that there was an activity for everyone to do.
    My first shift was at the group mural painting. It started out with just us high schoolers trying to replicate the sketch we had drawn on to the big canvas. Once it was drawn, it got fun when we started to paint. Kid’s who came to the dance room to get their face painted, saw us on the floor splashing paint onto this big canvas and were very excited to get involved. Once they began to paint, all we had to do was give them the paint and paintbrush and let them get creative. They were all very excited to see that when red and white mixed together it made pink so we gave all the little girls little blobs of white and red paint and watched them get delighted as it changed colour.
    My next shift was at the Picasso Face station, at this station the children were quite confused about what they had to do. They walked cautiously to the table and stared at the contents of the table. But once we showed them how to do it and started them off, they loved it. We also started to get into the festivities and found ourselves making our very own Picasso faces of each other, to demonstrate to the kids.
    Overall I think the Art Party was a huge success and thank you to all the students and teachers who made it possible 🙂

  18. this being my first ever art party, i was truly blown away by the amount of people that attended and their commitment to the arts. i loved that there were many different jobs to choose from and that it helped the students learn many different and new techniques. my first station which was the under the sea mural painting, was incredibly exciting because you got to see just how creative the younger students are and how good of an art ability the have. my second station which was the name tags for the folder was really fun because you got to see the different styles that all the students had and how much effort the really put into their folder. in general, i just loved the atmosphere of the party because everyone was so happy and just having a good time and that’s how a party should be like. I glad that i got to participate in one of these parties before Mrs. Jardin leaves us. Hopefully this amazing event continues and can inspire many greater events to come.

  19. The art party this year was mind blowing! So many people and children showed up, the adults, the children and us all had fun. There was a huge variety of things to do and to create, it was much more organized than last year and it was fun for everyone. It was a great experience seeing the children having fun and learning and expressing themselves through art. I’m just glad I got the chance to be part of the art party this year.
    My first shift was at the bookmarks which was upstairs in the music room and it was a huge success because so many children showed up and they were very excited to create their own bookmarks. As well as I helped with the magical world poster and it was such an amazing experience because I got to see how creative they are, what they think is magical and how they applied that.
    My second shift was at the CD mandala’s and that was so fun because I got to teach the children the different patterns and shapes they can do on the CD to make it look like a mandala. They really enjoyed it and were very pleased with how it looked like at the end. Others were so shocked that they can actually draw on a CD! It was such a joy helping the kids and having the chance to teach and watch them as they are being creative and expressing themselves through art.
    Overall it was a great experience and I’m sure everyone had fun and learnt more about art. Hopefully next year’s own would be as great as this one was!

  20. I think that this year’s art party was much better than the previous one. I loved how Mrs.Jardin displaced everything and transformed some of the rooms (dance studio,piano rom) into workshops for the art party. A lot of people showed up and got to participate in different workshops. Everyone was very enthusiastic ( the kids and the students) and overall the atmosphere was great ! I really liked my first job which was paper cutting because not only was it easy to do but also because of the amount of energy the kids put into it. It was fun seeing them get excited and be happy with the job they did. On the other hand, face painting which was my second job didn’t go so well. Nobody really wanted me to paint their faces because of the disaster I had done on one of the teacher’s face.
    Hopefully next year’s teacher will continue organizing art parties as great as Mrs.Jardin’s.

  21. The art party was really fun and interesting. There were different varieties of activities the students could do and it provided an opportunity for students to display their amazing artistic skills. The first shift I signed up for was the group mural painting where we had to come up with a sketch and then redraw it onto a bigger canvas. We came up with a color plan, since students had to paint the sketches and they were excited about it. When we first started, there was no one in our station but once we started painting the sketches, people became interested.
    My second shift was the Picasso face. It was really interesting to see the different faces the students made. Initially, they had no idea what our station was about but once we showed them samples and explained to them what they had to do, they really liked it. This was my favorite station. Even we, the students in charge of the station ended up making some Picasso faces of our friends. Generally, the art party was a huge success and it was nice to see students with smiles on their faces.

  22. This was my first time attending the art party at LCS, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of people there and the dedication that our school has for the arts. I felt quite proud of myself and my peers for all of our artworks being on display in front of so many people, knowing that we all put so much effort into all our work. The care-free vibe, both from the younger children and from all of us who contributed to the creation and management of the party was incredible, and it definitely encouraged more people to join if they simply passed by the NPAT.
    My two jobs were guarding the chair sculptures for my first shift, and paper plate weaving for my second one. Guarding the chairs wasn’t really that eventful, mostly because all we did was making sure that the more curious kids didn’t touch and wreck the chairs. A few parents and teachers had questions about the task, but overall it was mostly making sure that children don’t touch the display. The second job, paper plate weaving was quite disappointing as nobody came to our table. I think this was mainly because most of the kids did everything they wanted to during the first hour and then just left. There were still children around, but nobody was attracted to our table. At one point some of us went to encourage people to join, but still nobody decided to come. We ended up just weaving paper plates by ourselves, which was an experience of its own.

  23. The Art Party was really great seeing as there were different varieties of jobs and activities to do. I think that the fact that there were different things made the Art Party better. A good thing I noticed while walking around is that people were enjoying themselves. My two jobs were mandala management and crowd management. I think that they were really great jobs as I got to walk around and experience seeing so many kids happy.

  24. The art party was very nice considering that it was my very first one. I got the coolest first job ever which was chair watcher/tour guy because I got to walk around with adults and parents to explain what the art was and what our goals behind it was. My second job was the cutting and something I do not remember but basically I got to work with little kids and create ballerinas and different shaped paper cut with different colours and seeing how creative they could get with the colours was so cute. I wish to be able to do something this wonderful again or be part of it because the comments from the parents and children were positive and encouraging. I thank Ms. Jardin for the opportunity because she worked so hard to get us into line with this art party and even over the managers, making sure that they were doing their jobs.

  25. I loved the art party. It was fun and I really enjoyed participating. It was interesting to see how the younger students express themselves artstically. My first station was the paper cut flowers and dancers. I had a lot of fun at that workshop. At first not many kids turned up because we were in a room in a corner hidden behind a board of artworks but after a while the place was packed with kids who looked excited to participate. I felt very relieved that no child got hurt by the scissors and it was really nice to see the kids take the responsibility of doing it themselves. At some point they didn’t even want us to help them. My second station was the paper plate weaving. That station wasn’t the most successful during my shift but a decent amount of kids turned up to try and paper plate weave. Some even came with their parents and it was nice to see them work together with their parents. It kind of felt like they were bonding. What I was really really happy about was the free food. It kind of helped people stay even longer because they wouldn’t get so hungry and if they did they did they would just go for food. I was one of those people. Overall it was an AWESOME PARTY and I felt like a lot of effort was put into it.

  26. I find that the art party was a great successes. The many kids that came seemed to arrive and leave with a smile on their faces, which was a great occurrence. There was certainly a great variety of activities, all of which seemed to be an inspiration the the kids. My job was to maintain order at the food table, which at times got quite out of hand. However it was an overall successes. Secondly I was responsible for the drawing board on the upper level. This was a job that was simpler an a great deal less stressful. The kids seemed to simple pour in, and loved to use the many colours to show off their artistic style. All in all an occasion worth repeating.

  27. This was the second art party I’ve been to this year. I definitely think the second party was better than the first, although they were both fun. I managed food for the first half and under the sea for the second. It might have been because I was different stations or maybe it was because there was more people, but I felt like the second art party was definitely more popular and more lively than the first. It was very difficult managing the food because of how many kids were there compared to the amount of managers. Although I think the kids had a great time. As for under the see this station was way more relaxed and way more creative than managing food. There was background music playing throughout the station and I think it definitely helped bring out inspiration within the kids. It also kept the kids interested in finishing their paintings. Altogether I think the second art party was far better than the first and I look forward to seeing how art parties in the future improve compared to this.

  28. The art was such a huge success, it seemed like so many kids loved everything from the face painting all the way to the food honestly so did i. This was my first Art party as well as my first year at LCS, to be frank, i was amazed by how well it turned out. The first job i was assigned was face painting. I was very excited for it, i was well prepared and ready to watch kids smile after they see the painting they requested on them. There were so many little kids and teenagers willing to have their face painted that the managers had to send some away, it was crazy! I worked alongside Paolo and Reina and it was a great opportunity to at least have a little experience for future references. My second job was the mural painting and it didn’t seem like there were a whole lot of kids interested in it. Me and my fellow mates were helping the ones who wanted to paint and at the end it turned out great. watching the kids paint with the various colours of their choice was cute. I also take this as an advantage for future references in art class. Overall, i think the art party was very fun and worth staying after school for, i am looking forward to next years art party already!

  29. This is the second art part i had been to in my life at LCS. I went as a drama and art student last year and to be honest i disliked it. Kids wouldn’t listen, i didn’t like my job and it felt as if time just couldn’t have passed any slower. Although this year, there was a big change. I had two different jobs and I loved working with both. My first job was a face paint manager. All i had to do was get people organized or if it got too crowded i would send people to the second face painting station. I got two of my younger cousins to come and get their face painted and it brought joy to my eye to see both giving me a smile and a big hug for letting them have one. The face painters themselves did a gorgeous job and judging from the amount of people that came last year compared to this year, i felt that this year was a much larger success. My second job was selling food which wasn’t too bad since the party had died down and there was hardly any food left. I had some friends sitting around with me and i was able to socialize and enjoy the wonderful moments i had with the kids before. This is going to be my last art party and I’m very happy i enjoyed it.

  30. I thought that the Art Party was a great success this semester. I think it was up to par with the previous ones because they were all very well planned and executed. In addition, the children also seemed to have a good time. There was a change in activities this time around and I think it is a good thing because it makes the art party a lot less repetitive and more unique. The two jobs that I was in charge of were the CD Mandalas (which is the same station as last two art parties I attended) and the Picasso Face station. Both of these were a good experience in my opinion because we got to interact with children and they seemed to enjoy the activities provided to them. The Picasso face was interesting because each student produced faces that were completely different from another even though they had to follow the same format. So I thought it was very interesting to see all of the portraits from that station. The CD mandalas were also interesting because there were a huge variety of designs that were produced. Overall I think the art party went really well and I’m looking foreword to the art party next year.

  31. Overall I really enjoyed the art party. This being the first time attending an art party, I was really amazed by the amounts of people that were in attendance. I had a fun time working at different stations as well as helping the little kids work on different art pieces. I think that the art parties are a positive way to showcase different artistic talents. I hope that even when Mrs Jardin leaves , such great events like this will continue on,

  32. The art party seemed a massive success, and the kids looked to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly. This was the first art party I had ever been to, and I must say, I was impressed with how smoothly and amusingly everything happened. Like everyone, I was assigned two jobs, which were to oversee and supervise the crowds at each station, and helping with the paper sculptures. The first job I had went surprisingly well, as the children complied to all the directions I had given them, which I barely even had to do. There were in truth never any problems I encountered whilst doing this, and the children seemed to be disciplined and well-behaved. The second job, however, was not disastrous, but was rather uneventful. I had sat down at the station for making paper sculptures, and by the end, only one child had come over, despite my failed attempts to lure children there. It even took some learning at the beginning, as I was completely clueless regarding how to make the sculptures, and what they emulated. Overall, however, it was an extremely successful art party, and I am glad I attended.

  33. I enjoyed the art party because i liked helping the little kids. My Job was drawing with Oil Pastel but i didn’t really enjoy that because I don’t like like using oil pastel. Everything else i enjoyed though. I was surprised that so many people came. The art party was very successful.

  34. The Art Party came to me as a massive job to make it work well. I was so nervous to be one of the staffs. However, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Even though it was the first time for me to attend the Art Party, but I think I’ve done much better than I worried. I was so appreciated that kids were willing to follow my instruction and had done very nice jobs. I hope I can be part of it again next year and actually

  35. The Art part was an amazing event and I was really glad to be part of it. I enjoyed how art and fun interacted with each other and the people as well. I really enjoyed the two jobs that i had signed up for, and would definitely do it over and over again. The kids really enjoyed making things at the station, and with such cheerful attitudes, it made the job even easier. I can’t wait for the next one and would gladly be part of it!!!

  36. I was looking forward to mis Jardin’s art party this year, because I was going to be able to supervise a station. I was also looking forward to being station with Jupyo. I felt comfortable working at the floor drawing station with Jupyo. We thought we would have lots of kids at our station but no one showed up. So me and Jupyo decided to help out another job in the same room. In the end me and Jupyo worked at two stations at the same time, the floor drawing and the book mark making station. Over all I felt like the art party was enjoyable and interesting.

  37. This year was my first art party. I was really looking forward to this new experience, and I can’t say I was disappointed. I really enjoyed my two jobs; face painting, and coloring table. I think although I enjoyed the face painting, I don’t think I was the most talented, as I was a bit nervous. At the coloring table, the children were hesitant to talk to us, but once they loosened up, we felt they had a great time. Overall, I really enjoyed the art party and the drama performances following.

  38. This year i attended my first art party but i thought that it was really fun. I had to do one of the drawing floors and the oil pastel drawing. The drawing floor was quite difficult because people were not putting a lot of effort into it and people kept walking on it. Apart from that I had fun helping the children who came to our stations. i was really surprised on how many people came to the art party.

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