The Last Staff Arty Trip For This Year

DSC_0906This may look like an unusual destination for an arty trip but it was actually a perfect start to a welding workshop. Massimo is a talented Ghanaian scrap metal artist. I have two stunning sculptures made by him. So when I was purchasing the sculptures I asked if he would run a welding workshop for the staff. He fortunately agreed. The day began with a visit to his studio here in Accra which is tiny because he is actually based in Takoradi.  Then we had a quick trip to the scrap yard to find some pieces for our sculpture.

These are some of his pieces which were on display at the school near the welding site. The drive to his studio and the scrap yard was very interesting and quite a “real” part of Accra. Areas we often don’t visit.

The scrap yard was fun but would have been better with gloves and closed shoes so you could really rummage. Some people made cool practice sculptures on the ground. Even my husband let his creativity flow!

Once we returned we then agreed on something to make as a group. Unfortunately we did not learn to weld as we had thought because Massimo did it all. He was not that interested in letting us have a go and we really should have been wearing closed shoes and had safety goggles. However, seeing the process from the scrap yard to the finished piece was very interesting. Those people who expected a hands on experience would have been quite disappointed but those who were curious to see his studio, the scrap yard, and witness the process from beginning to end would have had a great morning.

Isn’t it cute? Every person had a say into this and collected the pieces so even though we didn’t hold the welding machine we still feel responsible for this comical creation. This is actually my last trip for the staff because there aren’t many weeks left in the school year. We have had a fabulous time playing with clay, bead shopping, batiking and now being part of a sculpture. I really hope this continues at LCS when I have left. I wonder what trips I will be able to run in Vietnam?


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