The Poetry Event Was A HUGE Success

During the MS assembly we presented the poetry paintings that the students have been working so hard on this year. The event was a huge success except for the power cut which unfortunately effected the first 3 performers. Mr Jardin introduced the event by explaining that all grade 6, 7, and 8 students have been studying poetry in their English classes and this presentation is a celebration for poetry month.

The students had been creating these stunning art works over the past 8 weeks. They learnt about mixed media and a variety of art journaling techniques which had to creatively combine art and text. During the event the grade 7 students began by individually reading their poems whilst their artwork was projected behind them. Then the grade 6 students stood up and read their Jaberwocky poem while a movie of their work played this was followed by the grade 8 “I am From…” poems.

For me it was a wonderful experience to hear the poems with the art work because my focus in class was about the techniques, skills and giving feedback. Being able to stand back, look at the art and listen to the poems was a fabulous way to end this unit. The digital art also looked amazing projected on the wall. Well done everyone and thanks to the English teachers for being so supportive of this event.


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