iPad Art By Grade 7

The iPads are not just for games they are extremely powerful tools which my students have been enjoying for conceptual developments, reflecting, creating and manipulating.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 10.25.39 PMThis is the sheet I created for my students to remind them which apps we have been using and where they fit into the creating cycle. They can use this many ways but basically for this task they photographed their poetry painting and manipulated it using a variety of apps from the list above. All work is saved to the camera roll and Dropbox.

Photo Apr 23, 10 51 04 AM copyThen the students upload their work into SketchbookX which is brilliant with its layers especially the ease of using free transform to move and resize the layers. The students upload their images from a variety of apps and fuse them together using opacity and the eraser. Of course they can draw, paint on top and add text too. The new image can then go back into the manipulation apps for greater variety and choice. The last step is to share and reflect on their work.  The possibilities are endless! Just look at the incredible variety a few quick learners have produced.

Photo Apr 23, 10 27 40 AM copy

To find out more about my iPad explorations and see student samples please have a look at my “iPad and Technology” page. This is constantly evolving.

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