Grade 6, 7 and 8 Have Finished Their Poetry Paintings.

Grade 6

The grade 6 students have been studying the work of Teesha Moore, an inspiring visual art journalist ( The students were able to analyze and and apply the key qualities of Moore’s work to their own. During English class they studied the poem “Jaberwocky” so as a collaboration I decided to have the students choose their favourite verse, create a collage onto a watercolour painting and then fill it with Teesha Moore inspired patterns.

DSCN1288By completing this task the students have learnt many key elements such as watercolour, collage, patterning and presentation skills. They also gained an awareness of the art process from brainstorming to reflecting. I am so happy with the work they created and think Teesha Moore would be very inspired by these fabulous budding artists. You can also view their work and read their statements on Artsonia:

DSCN1292Grade 7

The grade 7 students had quite a lot more planning, experimentation and decisions to make compared to the grade 6 class. They learned how to create mixed media art with Gesso, acrylic and newspaper and acrylic wash onto foil. From the techniques demonstrated and practised in class they then applied their favourite methods and media to their final poetry painting. The students had to consider the importance of text and art, use 5 media, consider pattern, focal point and texture. These poems were written by the students during their English class. As the poems were long we pulled out the most important words because they will be reading their whole poem during assembly next week.


Grade 8

The Grade 8 students took their mixed media art to one more level by experimenting with and adding transfers. We printed text and photos onto plastic sheets and then applied them to wet Gesso or Gel medium. It had to dry over night and then the plastic was removed to give a worn look. This is very experimental and quite risky. Some students wanted their images and text to be clearer so they used glue and stuck the sheets directly onto their art. I love the variety of art, media and techniques. Well done grade 8 these are fantastic.

DSCN1348If you are impressed by these stunning art works then you HAVE to come to our assembly THIS Wednesday- 30th of April, NPAT 8am-8.50am. The students will be presenting their poems while the art is being projected behind them. The art room has been so busy that I have not had time to hear all the poems so am really looking forward to seeing them present. I know the students are very nervous but it will be a very special event to see especially since this is the first ever Art and English collaboration for LCS. What a fabulous way to celebrate the end of poetry month.

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 9.52.00 PM

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