Mixed Media Madness In Grade 7 and 8


Both of my grade 7 and grade 8 classes have been exploring mixed media in preparation for their poetry paintings. On April 30th there will be a poetry celebration where the students will read their poem while their artwork is on display on a large screen during an assembly. The students are using mixed media and art journaling techniques to combine text and art with the poems they wrote in Language Arts. This is the first collaboration I have done with Language Art due to the trimesters as only a third of the students will be able to undertake this awesome project.

DSCN1157The photos above are created by the grade 8 class. They began the unit by exploring watercolour techniques, followed by Gesso explorations, stencils and stamps. Their final pieces are meant to combine their favourite techniques, typography and photo tranfers.

Whereas the grade 7 class explored firstly Gesso and mixed media, foil with a wash followed by newspaper and dry brush techniques. I am really hoping they remember these techniques when they create their final piece because these mini-artworks are stunning.

DSCN1172We also photographed their work and manipulated it on the ipad so that they could see the transformation whilst also being exposed to some awesome apps which we will come back to later. They then combined their favourite image for each app into a Comic Book template. The students had to label and describe the apps and choose their favourite. The apps were: Percolator, Snapseed, Grungetastic, Atypo Picture and Phototopedelic.

Comic Book
Comic Book

You can see all the artwork on Artsonia: http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=141244

We are hoping to finish their pieces by the end of next week so stay tuned I am sure we will have some awesome results.

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