Artist(s) of the Week

Congratulations to: Rhudi, Josephine and Zina for being the artist of the week over the past three weeks.

30243409Rhudi worked really hard on his chair. The structure took some time. I appreciated his willingness to listen to the advice given and for successfully completing this awesome chair by the due date.

30193600Josephine built the TITANIC!!! What can I say the time effort, patience and hot glue burns were totally worth it. She cretainly surprised everyone with her incredible sculpture. Well done.

Zina worked consistently throughout the whole process. I love how she had a plan and stuck to it no matter what. She came in often during studio hours and remained positive and persistent. Your chair is gorgeous. Well Done.

Of course there are MANY chairs I could acknowledge but these three specifically won “artist of the week” over the past three weeks. Next week it will be from another grade level.

I would also like to acknowledge Angie and Cara for coming in so often after school and putting in everything they had. Their results were also amazing. I love Angie’s use of materials which capture “ice” brilliantly. What a unique theme.

DSCN1120Cara worked consistently her theme of the farm was wonderful especially with the personal photo mobile attached. Keep thinking outside the box girls!



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  1. Fabulous, again, am continually amazed by the creativity and quality of work produced by your students. All amazing, but really love the Titanic!

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