The Grade 7 Trip Was A Huge Success

The students had a fabulous time at Kokrobitey Institute. They participated in a variety of workshops for an hour each session. They made masks, drummed, danced, made pesto and recycled jewelery. All workshops were very popular. I really liked seeing the boys make jewelery for their mums (or friends).

DSC_0151The activities were broken up with a couple of breaks, delicious food and then completed with a talent show. Some of the acts were fantastic, very well planned whilst others are still debatable where the talent was. 🙂 Slapping someone’s hand is not what I would consider as talent but seeing someone who I had no idea played the guitar for instance was very inspiring.

DSC_0165This is why I love going on these trips as I get to see students in a completely different setting. Even just having the opportunity to chat to the students is fun because I have realized how little time there is to “chat” in a bustling, productive art room.

DSC_0170Our last day was spent playing and sharing games with the local kids from the Omega school. This was a huge success. It was really enjoyable seeing our students learn new skills and also watching them be the teachers. Thanks grade 7 for a great trip!

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