Gesso Art By Grade 7

Grade 7 is learning about three mixed media techniques. These are the first pieces they created using Gesso techniques inspired from Jennifer Goss’s visit last trimester. They applied Gesso onto the paper, scratched in a tree design with chalk or pastel, applied watercolours, sand and a variety of collage items. Sometimes the Gesso was worked back into the image.

DSCN0991The most difficult concept for students to do is not to create a specific scene. These images should be messier, free and fun showing layers of media and textures.

DSCN0998This task will be leading into a “Poetry Painting” unit. The goal is for students to become familiar with media, backgrounds, textures, stencils, stamps, text and embellishments. They have been writing poems in English these poems will become paintings incorporating text and art inspired from “Art Journaling” techniques.

6a00d8341c766153ef0176151997c5970c-450wiFor more information and awesome inspiration please look at the following links:


Balzer Designs a very inspirational site with samples, tutorials and links to other artists.

Jane Davenport offers classes and has brilliant samples.!video-tutorials/c22cf

Teesha’s amazing website her images are inspired by magazine collage and are magnificent.

My art journaling Pinterest board. This has a fabulous collection of images, websites and videos for inspiration.

Another board similar but different to art journaling as it focuses more on images solely with text and art.

teeshamooreIn the next post I will add some inspiring videos to help anyone who is interested in art journaling or in mixed media techniques.

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