Two Lesson Umbrella Challenge Amazes Me

My students had one week left of art so I decided to set them a group challenge which had incredible results. I briefly introduced them to mandalas and told them they would be painting a group mandala onto an umbrella. At home each student was required to design their own mandala based on a theme decided by the group. During the spare time in class we also played with an app called “Symmetry Lab” this is a very relaxing and exciting app for the students to use and a great introduction to radial design.


They then had one class to discuss, draw and paint the base colours. As a group they had to decide how to combine the different mandalas. They could have 2 sections each or mix up their designs. It was really exciting hearing the students discuss their ideas and to see them take this challenge so seriously. I was truly surprised by how much they had achieved in 80mins.

DSCN0812By the second class all they needed to do was to repaint some slightly messy areas, add details, patterns and outlines. Most students finished before the end of the second class. As you can see for a 160min challenge they did a brilliant job. The following day we varnished and hung them in the NPAT.

Here are some student blogs describing the process:









3 thoughts on “Two Lesson Umbrella Challenge Amazes Me

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  1. I have the photo of the umbrellas my students did at HIS hung on a memory wall. Someone asked what it was about this week. Love their umbrellas!

  2. What a terrific project. The collaboration needed and the creative process required in 180 minutes is quite something to consider. Great products.

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