Grade 6 Printed Portraits

This week was also the last week for my grade 6 class. For their last three classes I decided to introduce a new technique, PRINTMAKING. The students had no idea how much fun this was going to be before they started the task. We used polystyrene to draw overlapping faces using line variation. The portraits also had to follow the “rules of portraiture”.

DSCN0910I had the students overlap the faces because the overlapped shapes provided a perfect area for patterns. (The patterns were meant to change each time there was an overlap.) Line variation also enhanced the quality of the print. Once the drawing was complete we created 6 one colour prints in a variety of colours on white paper. This was so the original drawings would have white lines when the printing process was complete.

DSCN0911During the last class we added patterns, thickened the lines and drew in extra details. The students then inked their template and printed on top of their first print. Some students were very brave and did a third colour. Wet on wet gives quite random results. The fabulous benefit of this task other than reinforcing knowledge of portraits and printing techniques is that every print looks amazing. No student can fail! There is nothing better than having an art class where every student feels safe and excited by their results. Well done grade 6. I have been so happy with all the incredible work you have produced this trimester from Glover to crazy hair portraits.

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