Digital Art for GISS


This was the final step for my grade 8 class who created Google Earth paintings of their own country for GISS. I am really proud of this unit because not only for the outstanding results produced by my students but the way we incorporated the ipads at the beginning and end of the unit.

29080063I know I gave an overview previously but I will give you another recap.

Step 1: The students had to choose an interesting “Google Earth” angle of their home country. The view was selected based on shape, colour, tonal variation and pattern. We then used  Art Rage on the ipads to manipulate the Google Earth image. Once the students were happy with their digital image they uploaded it onto Artsonia:

29080148Step 2: With the ipad supported in a book stand the student then created a painting following their digital plan. Some students drew from observation while others used the projectors to trace it onto the large paper.

Step 3: Once the painting was complete to make the paintings more appropriate for GISS (Global Issues Service Summit) the students incorporated articles and created Wordles based on global issues which are currently effecting their home country.

29025744Step 4: The completed paintings were uploaded onto Artsonia and evaluated:

Global_Issues_Evaluation by Chenqi

Global_Issues_Project_Evaluation by Dzifa

art_evaluation_giss by Stephanie

29157282Step5: The final stage of the process was to photograph the completed painting and then manipulate it using Percolator, Atypo Picture, Phototropdelic, and Snapseed which were 4 apps that the students hadn’t used before. The last image had to combine 3 of their favourite apps. As you can see the results are spectacular.



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