9/10 Sculptural Chairs

The 9/10 sculpture students have been given their own chair to turn into a chair sculpture. They are using the elements of sculpture (line, mass, plane, texture, colour, space, movement and scale) to make an interesting three dimensional sculpture based on a theme of their choice. At least 4 of the elements had to be incorporated into their designs.

DSCN0802The students had to learn about the difference between a “decorated” (painted two dimensional) chair versus a sculptural chair. They also were required to work with the chair so that it remained a chair sculpture and not a sculpture hiding or engulfing the chair. Using the space within and around the chair is crucial. The chair has to look interesting from all angles.

DSCN0796To save time and because there is only one of me and 20 students they had to use You Tube videos at home to learn suitable techniques then they chose their favourite to construct during class. So we have students working with wire, tape, card, plaster and paper mache. It is a very exciting and active room to be in right now. Especially since many of these students have not created sculpture before. Seeing their confidence grow makes this project so worth it. I can’t wait to see their final results….3 weeks to go!

DSCN0800Their major homework requirement is to maintain a blog documenting their progress, problems, time management and any other issues. Here are some fabulous blogs:










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