Entertaining Tonal Drawing Inspiration-Grade 7

We had a very entertaining day today in art as I was able to share some fun travel photos. We began the class by reviewing what tone was, how it is used and then looked at the amazing tonal portraits from Thailand.

DSC_0500When I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand I participated in a three hour charcoal portrait class. The students were able to see what I created on my holidays and saw that you never stop learning when it comes to the arts!

THEN the fun began I told them to look closely to the next few tonal images as they needed to find the light source and point out the mid-values of each image. Little did they know that the images were optical art paintings from an incredible gallery in Chiang Mai which had their English teacher and art teacher posing childishly.

All of these paintings were painted on a plain wall. The frames were even painted. Other than  the incredible talent of the Korean artist who painted these, none of them would have been possible without an understanding of tone, light and shade.

DSC_0213Here are some reviews of the gallery: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g293917-d4549664-Reviews-Art_in_Paradise_Chiang_Mai_3D_Art_Museum-Chiang_Mai.html

If you are ever in Thailand I would highly recommend this especially if you have kids. I was lucky to be traveling with a “big kid”. 🙂

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