Grade 8 Google Earth Paintings are Nearly Complete

Aren’t they looking stunning? I wrote about this task in a previous post but briefly I will recap. The students had to find an interesting angle of their home country on Google Earth. They then copied it to their camera roll on the ipad which allowed the students to upload it to my favourite drawing app: Art Rage. They manipulated the image according to colour, shape, pattern the students had the choice to abstract their country or keep it in realistic colours. They then painted with acrylics whilst copying their art from the ipads. I love how diverse these paintings are.

photoAs we are doing this for GISS (Global Issues Service Summit) I also had the students research global issues relating to their home country. They turned their articles into Wordles. These had to be creatively combined with their paintings. Some students made mobiles while others created frames. I am really thrilled with their final results.

DSCN0672The whole cycle is being completed by going back to the ipads where they will manipulate their painted image using: Percolator, Snapseed, atypo picture and Phototropdelic. Every image will then be uploaded onto Artsonia.

“For this project I used these app:percolator,phototropdelic,a typo picture, snapseed and a combination of three of the apps. My favourite app was the a typo app as it made really cool affects. We used the iPads a lot. Mostly to plan our work before painting.  I’ve learnt that they can be very useful for planning and they also are a great way to edit your work.” Dzifa G8

3 apps combined
3 apps combined

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