2013 Semester 1 ART Party

The art party was another HUGE success. The grade 8, 9 and 10 students had a fabulous time running art workshops for the LCS community. They taught elementary students, local students, teachers and parents. This is such a hi-light in my teaching career.

DSC_0299We had a huge variety of workshops from colouring, drawing, CD mandalas, zen tangle collage, bottle chandeliers, paper plate birds, line variation coffee cups, paper relief sculpture, a hand group project, to collage hamburgers, just to mention a few. All the stations were busy with excited activity. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event and especially for the hardworking grade 8,9 and 10 students. You honestly made me so proud!

So what feedback did we get?

“I thought it was nice that students from other schools also had the chance to participate, that was something new. I also liked how videos and some art were displayed in the VPAC.”  Elysse G8

“I had a lot of fun at the art party, I think it was very entertaining and very well organized too. I had fun helping out the little kids.” Joao G9

“My second highlight would have to be having so many children attend. This made the party interesting and I enjoyed interacting, teaching, and also learning from them.” Francesca G9

“A highlight for me was watching the kids smile when you show them their faces had been painted.” William G10

“Amazing Rebecca!  I loved walking around and seeing artists at work.  Thank you!” Nansie (teacher)

“Thanks Rebecca, that was truly a splendid event. You’ve made me appreciate art forms at different levels. Great display of talent.” Eric Boateng (CAS coordinator)

“A real celebration.  A special atmosphere created by the students working with elementary kids in the art workshops/tables set up for kids.  It really was a great couple of hours on campus.” Geoff Smith-Secondary Principal

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