My Grade 7 Class Is Working With An Artist.

My grade 7 students were very excited to meet Jennifer Goss, a visiting artist. She is with us until our Christmas break which is fabulous timing because she is here for our art party on Tuesday. I have ordered her a large canvas and she will be painting with the students throughout the event. Please stop by and say hello to her in the VPAC.

DSCN0284The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her art and life as an artist. We saw a slideshow of her stunning work and discussed what we saw within the paintings. Then it was time to paint! The first part of the process was very easy and fail-proof. They had to wet the paper and drop colours into it. The part they found particularly fascinating was when Jennifer came around and told them something about their personalities based on their colours and movement of paint. It was fascinating. As we were packing up one of the students said, “You should be here all the time!” I am hoping he meant, “You should be here all the time with my art teacher.” It was so rewarding hearing how excited the kids were.

Here is a link to Jennifer’s gallery:

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 11.04.58 PMI am really enjoying having an artist visit whose style I really enjoy. I love her colours and loose brushstrokes. I am looking forward to attending her NIGHT PAINTING workshop. I have no idea what that is but it sounds like fun! Its happening this week. Please have a look at the Link for more details and to sign up. Everyone is invited.

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