Art Club Update

What have we been doing in art club? Well we have certainly been trying some fun things. We began the year with the circle mandala which was very relaxing to produce and looks beautiful on the wall.

DSCN9722Then we made our first ever chandelier. It was these students who figured out how to create it and more importantly how to attach the bottles together.

DSCN9818Rock painting was always something I wanted to do with a class so we now how some colourful rocks to display at home. I actually really love the photo of them on the natural rocks too. That is an artwork on its own.

DSCN9966I don’t have a picture of them but we also turned some old destroyed brushes into plaster sculptures with faces. We have moved onto another task now but I would love to complete these later on.

DSCN0261Now we are creating a free choice painting on a canvas board which will be outlined with thick and thin lines and painted in bright happy colours and patterned with a gold pen.

The last major project for this semester is going to be one painted umbrella per student which we will hang in the NPAT for the rest of the year. I am really looking forward to seeing what my students will do next.

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