Grade 6 Knife Painting

The grade 6 students have begun to learn about Ablade Glover. They have discussed his work and watched this video:–stIE

w430.68de7They are very excited to learn about Glover because he will be exhibiting very soon on Dec 5th at the American Ambassador’s place. He will also be appearing at a huge event on 24th Jan where he will talk about his art and demonstrate his painting techniques. Which means the students will be able to meet him in real life. They will also be exhibiting their Glover inspired art work at the same time. It is going to be so much fun. My paintings will also be on display and for sale too. 🙂

PLEASE PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR CALENDARS it is going to be a fabulous event at Alliance Francaise.

DSCN0137At the completion of this unit the students would have painted their own Glover inspired market scenes and trees (the students requested the trees.)

To begin learning about his techniques they began by creating their own African figures using the paint knife. This is always a successful task because they really can’t go wrong as it looks like fabric blowing in the breeze. The next class we will be layering people in a variety of colour schemes to create the feeling of a busy market. As Glover would say we are capturing “Basa Basa”.



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