The Teachers Go Bead Shopping

DSC_0120Last Saturday I organized a trip for the staff to TK beads, Cedi beads and a nearby market. It was a huge amount of fun and a very successful trip. The hi-light was definitely TK beads and the market. As soon as we got back someone said, “Great when are we going again?” That comment alone made the planning so worth it.

I think it is so important to get out and see where we live especially when it comes to appreciating high quality crafts from our host country. I now have many brightly coloured stunning beads which I hope to turn into jewellery and incorporate on my paintings.

Here is one of my paintings which uses the beads and fabric.

DSC_0753Next time I’d like to contact Happy the potter and have the staff go to his very atmospheric outdoor studio to play with clay. Then we could shop and learn from the nearby basket weavers. Ghana has so much to offer and I could not be happier organizing these trips. I just wish there was more time to involve the students and parents. Hopefully by reading this they will be inspired to run their own day trips to learn about the arts and crafts of Ghana.

Photo 10-11-13 9 03 43

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