My Students Have Become Teachers!


I have just had the most amazing day in the art room and wanted to share it with you. All my trimester classes are ending in two weeks so I thought why not get the students to show me what they have learnt over the trimester by teaching it to someone else? What a brilliant way to bring the community into our art room. So I contacted the CAS coordinator, Eric Boateng who supported me whole heartedly and invited a local school to the art room for my grades 6 and 8 classes.


The grade 6 students had to choose their favourite portrait activities from the trimester and create four lesson plans for their student as they will be teaching one on one. They all began with teaching the rules of portraiture and then followed with their choice of activities using ipads, projectors, ink, pencils, markers or watercolours. The goal is for the visiting student to create one major piece by the end of the 4th class. It could be a mobile, collage, painting, book or anything else the student teacher plans.


I was putting a lot of responsibility onto my students and was a little nervous this morning because I really did not know how it would go. I was worried they would not be prepared, would forget what they were teaching or would not think to give positive feedback but rest assured they were truly brilliant. I could not be happier with their first lesson.


All the comments afterwards were VERY excited and positive. They said they had fun, some students found it harder than they thought it was going to be and others found it easier. I was particularly proud of Anthony who I overheard saying, “Don’t worry we have a lot of paper so you don’t need to be worried about mistakes.” These are seriously the best moments of teaching for me.

Yeah grade 6 I can’t wait to see what you do on Thursday. It will be so exciting to see your student’s work develop over the 4 classes. You will now truly understand what it is like to be a art teacher! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Students Have Become Teachers!

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  1. I enjoyed working with the kids. It was a fun learning experience on Tuesday but it was a bummer they didn’t show up Thursday.

    1. Yes I agree especially when you put all that time into planning. We are trying to get you all an extra class to make up for it. They will be there next class for sure.

  2. What a fantastic learning engagement! This activity could be used as a model for most academic subjects and offers lots of community building and learning. Well done, Rebecca.

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